P-124 Aviator - Standard Configuration $2700
P-124 Aviator - Standard Configuration w/ Quick Ejector Snaps Legs Only $2850
P-124 Aviator - Standard Configuration w/ Quick Ejector Snap Legs & Chest $2950

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Aviator  The heart of the system is the P-124 ram-air canopy which is designed for use by airmen who may have no prior jump experience or who may even be incapacitated to some degree..  The F-111 seven cell canopy is built with chord wise upper surfaces and span wise lower surfaces which maximizes canopy strength while minimizing bulk. Spectra line is standard. The canopy opens with the reliability of a ram air, but flies with a lift/drag coefficient which is more closely related to its round shaped cousins, without the problems of oscillation associated with round canopies.   In testing conducted near Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the P-124 scored better than any other canopy when compared with a group of 35 pilot emergency canopies submitted for testing by 20 parachute manufacturers around the world. The P-124 will deliver its max payload at an unbelievably slow 12.1 feet/second, allowing standup landings and requiring no jumper control input at the landing phase.   Available in 4 sizes, the custom airfoil allows the canopy rapid inflation characteristics for minimum altitude loss. Opening in a braked configuration allows docile handling characteristics. With a rate of descent of only 12.1 ft/sec. compared with 18.0 ft/sec. for the current 28' C-9 canopy with an equivalent suspended weight, the P-124 requires no control input from the jumper in the landing phase. Consequently there is no additional training required of aircrew personnel over and above what they receive on current systems.


 If the canopy is the heart, then the Aviator harness and container is the body that provides substance to the system. Drawing on years of harness and container design as well as an innovative new use of their Patented Articulated Harness configuration (#5,277,348), Rigging Innovations has developed a system that is  years ahead of existing designs.

The container is a one-pin design that utilizes a shaped free bag deployment system to ensure a clean, fast, controlled deployment. The one-pin high-drag pilot chute provides maximum container security while providing for fast positive launches. Coupled with the shaped deployment bag, the pilot chute is compressed within the center of the bag in such a manner that it virtually disappears. Accordingly there is minimum wear to the system and maximum comfort to the wearer.

The harness is the latest in comfort, simplicity, and ease of use. The patented Flex-Ringtm concept has been adapted to create a simple to use adjustable harness that fits the complete range of today's aircrew personnel from the 2nd percentile female to the 98th percentile male. The Adjust-A-Tongue system allows for quick, symmetrical adjustment without excess straps getting in the way. The harness design accepts a variety of hardware and release systems such as the Frost Quick Release.

 For experienced Ram-Air Skydivers or trained personnel only

The end result is a package that:
Weighs in at 12-15 lbs. depending on size
Is smaller, more compact, and more comfortable than existing systems.
Dimensions: 13"x21" or 15"x24"; thickness=3"-5"
Is easy to fit and don.
Provides a rate of descent that is 33% less than current systems.
Requires no special training for use.
The use of modern materials results in less maintenance and is easy to pack.
Is certified under FAA TSO C23d.

P-124 Aviator - Standard Configuration $2700
P-124 Aviator - Standard Configuration w/ Quick Ejector Snaps Legs Only $2850
P-124 Aviator - Standard Configuration w/ Quick Ejector Snap Legs & Chest $2950