All 28 Foot C-9 Parachutes I sell have the Waters 4-Line Release Steering System. After the parachute is open look up on the rear risers (you have two front and two rear risers), look for the RED lanyard which activates the release, put your fingers thru BOTH THE LEFT & RIGHT  RED lanyard and PULL DOWN SHARPLY AT LEAST ARMS LENGTH - keeping your fingers in the RED Lanyard (do not let the RED Lanyards go - keep holding them). Once you release the 4 lines connected to the rear of the parachute you will thrust forward at 6-8 mph. To turn - pull down aggressively on the RIGHT RED Lanyard to go right, pull down aggressively on the LEFT RED Lanyard to steer left. Remember you are responsible for how this system works so make sure at the next repack you ask the Parachute Rigger to show you the Waters 4-Line release and how it works. Any questions give me a call, 978-433-8550 or email me at donmayer@parachuteshop.com, Don Mayer, Master Parachute Rigger, FAA Parachute Rigger Examiner.