M3T Military Helmet M3T

M3T Military Helmet  with Bayonets, Call for ordering

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 M3T (Military Helmet)


M3T  Military Helmet

The M3T is a lightweight carbon fiber helmet. It can be use in a variety of settings for military jump operations and is currently being evaluated for uses in a multitude of non-jump environments, such as Fast roping, repelling, mountain climbing, smoke-jumping as well as water rescue. The helmet is compatible with all communications and oxygen systems currently in use by the US Military Special Operations community.

The outer shell is built using a carbon fiber/ fiberglass blend cured in an epoxy resin. The M3T weighs approximately 1.5lbs (26ox). The M3T has been designed specifically for parachute jumping. The M3T is easily field modified, for example it can be cut to allow for better hearing, or ventilation. Snaps can be added to the helmet for externally mounted goggles. The unique outer profile is ergonomically designed allowing the bayonet receivers to be mounted at various angles, and the top platform option is ideal for attaching strobes or chemlight, this top platform is integrated into the helmet shell. These modifications can be ordered through the factory to be delivered customized for the special needs of the various groups.

We has taken into consideration the use of standard military equipment, various snag free attachments have been, and can be, designed to accommodate various items such as NOD, strobes, cameras and more.

The liner system is comprised of two sections. A hard inner shell for impact protection, and the soft comfort foam that offers optimum sound attenuation is easily interchangeable to accommodate various head sizes, making it ideal for schoolhouse and multi-user settings. The comfort foam can be thermal molded for the individual for a custom fit.



M3T Standard

The Parachute Shop can provide oxygen or communication options or accessories. Call us.



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External Features:
The M3T is fastened using a removable padded chin strap with ¾ inch FASTEX
®, and a nape strap, across the back of the helmet, for added fit. Also located on the back of the shell, is flat area covered with Velcro® hook and bungee network. This area can be used for strobe/chemlight placement etc. Although goggle snaps are not standard these can be place on each side on request.

Liner Construction:
The M3T liner system is composed of four parts that together provide comfort, communication mounts and impact protection.

  • Right and left side ear pads composed of Temperature sensitive foam, covered in soft leather, mold and seal around the ears. Also within these pads are mounting plates where communication speakers can be quickly mounted in place. Completing the ear pads are Velcro compatible backings which secure them into the helmet.

  • The top pad, which provides comfort around the crown, is composed of open and closed cell foams covered by a black liner material. Special foams are used to prevent swelling when used at high altitudes.

  • The final component found between the top pad and helmet shell is the impact material. This is manufactured by Zoat Foam.

Shell Construction:
The M3T composite shell is constructed using a Kevlar and carbon fiber blend along with an epoxy resin system. In the process of manufacturing, these materials are molded and cured in an autoclave at 135psi which places extreme pressure on the laminates to produce a very dense and light shell. Standard shell color is black spackle mat, but other color requests are welcomed. Not bullet proof.

Lightweight Kevlar Blend 1.5lbs

Although liner sizes are standard within each size shell a certain degree of custom fitting is capable to reduce “hot” spots if needed. This can be done by heating the helmet for ten minutes at 150 degrees Fahrenheit, in a home style oven. (See heating instructions) After 10 minutes the helmet is place on the head and allowed to cool down. Foam in the top pad and ear pads will permanently be molded and the shell will also hold a slightly different shape more adjusted to the users head.

Small 21.5 inches –   22.5 inches
Medium >22.5inches-     22.75 inches
Large >22.75inches-   23.25 inches
X-large >23.25inches-   24 inches
Hat Size Conversion Chart
 Hat Size  Measurement in Inches  Size Needed
 6-1/2  20- 1/4" X-Small
6-5/8 20- 3/4" X-Small
6-3/4 21-1/8" Small
6-7/8 21-1/2" Small
7 21-7/8" Medium
7-1/8 22-1/4" Medium
7-1/4 22-5/8" Large
7-3/8 23" Large
7-1/2 23-1/2" X-Large
7-5/8 23-7/8" X-Large
7-3/4 24-1/4" XX-Large
 7-7/8 24-5/8"  
8 25"