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Parachute Rigger History & Exam Fees

The Parachute Shop is a full service parachute loft. We have been in business since 1973.  Equipped with all the necessary sewing machines, grommet tools, parts, webbing, materials, manuals, & both Senior and Master Riggers with 40 years of experience,  there is nothing we can't handle.

Don Mayer is a former DPRE (FAA Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner) for the FAA.

Becoming A Parachute Rigger

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Step 2: Application Procedures

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Step 4: FAA Written Software, Ground School  Parachute Rigger

                PRACTICAL TEST STANDARDS - Senior & Master Parachute Rigger

                KNOWLEDGE TEST GUIDE - Senior & Master Parachute Rigger

                FAA Exams - Parachute Rigger

                Rigger Test Questions (117 Questions)

                Find a Testing Site

                Ground School Downloads ($34.99)

Step 5: Regulations Part 65, Parachute Rigger FAA  & Certification click here

Step 6: FAA Part 105 Parachute Operations

Step 7: 8610-2, Senior & Master Rigger Application Form:

Step 8: List of DPRE's in the United States

Step 9: FAA FISDO Local, (Flight Standards District Office) Offices

Step 9: Computer Testing, Parachute Rigger Computer Testing Information click here

Step10: Replacement of Lost, Application for Replacement of Lost, Destroyed, or Paper Rigger Certificate.

Step11: Employment, Parachute Rigger: Employment The Nature (Civil Service) of the Work click here



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