Washing your Rig



Washing Your Parachute Container

The best way to wash a rig is the "good old fashion way" with slightly warm water and Woolite.

Use a big tub; let the rig stay in the soapy water 4 hrs.

Occasionally swish the rig around in the tub to loosen dirt.

Drain soapy water, fill tub with clean water, and swish rig around until the clear water becomes soapy and cloudy. Drain tub and repeat until all soap and dirt residue are gone, usually in 3 rinses.

Let the rig naturally dry, without direct sunlight.  We usually allow a small fan to blow air past it to speed up the drying process. 

We do not recommend using a washing machine.  Extended agitation in a washing machine could have negative effects in the long run.  This also requires you to wrap the heavy hardware to minimize damage to the machine.