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July 1, 2005

Plane crashes in Rockland; pilot parachutes to safety

   An empty small plane crashed in an inlet in Bowline Point Park yesterday after the pilot suffered leg pains and parachuted out.
   The pilot, who landed in the water and was rescued, didn't suffer any serious injuries, a spokesman for the Rockland County executive's office, C.J. Miller, said. The pilot bailed out because he had pain in his legs and couldn't pull the plane out of a dive, Miller said.
   The pilot, who was not immediately identified, was plucked from the water by emergency personnel and taken to a hospital.
   The plane went down at 4:41 p.m., Haverstraw Police Department dispatcher Edward Lopez said. The pilot had issued a mayday call a minute earlier.
   The Cirrus SR22 fixed-wing single-engine plane was lost on the radar about 10 miles from Westchester County Airport, Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Arlene Salac said.
   The plane, tail No. 3452L, was owned by 52 Lima Corp., of New York City, Salac said. It sank.

The Associated Press


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