Military Parachute Equipment


28 FOOT C-9 Parachutes, 28 ft. C-9,28 ft. (9 M), Flat Circular , NO SUSPENSION LINES, LINES ARE CUT AND NOT INCLUDED. Excellent Condition $250.00



MC1 Paratrooper Survival Knife Click Here 

The Parachute Shop can now sell to the Public, Military, Law Enforcement, and Search & Rescue. You must be 18 years old. The Parachute Shop is now an official distributor for the MC1, the Parachute Shop is now accepting orders. $90.00 each shipping included.


    Shroud Hook Blade with Pouch

This shroud hook blade in a cloth pouch and  laced on to the parachute risers on ejection seats and back pack style parachutes and sometimes taken out of the pouch and carried on the G-suit or flight suit in the special pocket.

Used to cut parachute shroud lines in the event of an emergency. Sharp hook blade, Unissued condition, Limited Supply $45.00