National Parachute Bail-Out Stories

National is in the life saving business. We sincerely hope that you will never have to experience any of our parachutes in an actual emergency, but we want you to rest assured that it will be there when you need it.  The following are the most recent reports of "parachute saves." We hope you find them as heartwarming as we do.

June 10, 2006
Two gliders had a collision south of Stockholm. Mr. Stefan Dahlgren had to jump out and use a National Parachute to save his life.  That was the first parachute save in Sweden since 1989.  Stefan jumped from a LS-4 glider at airdrome Vangso. The parachute and glider are owned by the club Ostra Sormlands Flygklubb.
April 17, 2002
Bob Bishop was flying his BD-J5 jet fast and low to mimic an enemy cruise missile during military war games along the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Bob caught a whiff of fuel, then he lost fuel pressure and the engine failed.  Flames were licking at his blue jeans, Bob knew he was in trouble. Using his 300 mph airspeed, he pulled up into a steep climb topping out at nearly 2,400 feet AGL. After releasing the jet's canopy and seat belt, Bob stood up and dove to the right. Bob cleared the wing and opened his NATIONAL 360 Parachute.  He made a safe landing, the jet crashed and burned!
April 18, 2000
Congratulations on saving another life.  My friend and coach, Sergei Boriak had to bail out of the "Velox" he was flying last week, in a training flight, due to a broken torque tube to the elevator, and landed safely in a tree.  He's just fine.  Airplane is not.  -- Patty Wagstaff, Patty Wagstaff Air Shows.
August 16, 2000
National Parachute:  Again many thanks for the Chute that saved my life.  -- Mat Redsell
July 16, 1999
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you guys at National Parachute making an unbelievable product.  When I purchased my parachute in 1997 I had no idea what a priceless purchase this was going to be for me.  For all practical purposes I probably shouldn't even be here to write this note to you, but because of National Parachute I am.  I can not thank you enough! -- Henry Coffeen, Coffeen Air Shows. 

      Parachute opened, a life saved!  

February 6, 1997
Some GOOD news -- our first Australian save with a NATIONAL Parachute.  John Dennis was involved in a midair during the recent National Gliding Championships.  Unfortunately, the other pilot died (reports thus far indicate probably to injuries received during impact).  However, John had just  enough time after exiting the cockpit to say "I hope this works" while pulling the ripcord and the chute immediately opened and about 3 seconds later he was on the ground, ALIVE.  He can not speak highly enough of his NATIONAL Parachute  -- Carol Borgelt, Borgelt Instruments. 
September 24, 1995
Do you know what the most beautiful site in the world is?  I certainly do.  It is a 24 foot conical red and white National parachute opening up after my 15 year old son was forced to bail out of our out of control aerobatics plane at 3,500 feet.  The second most beautiful site was my own canopy which soon followed when I bailed out of the plane at 2,000 feet, unable to maintain control any further of the aircraft.  We both landed without incident and I am happy to report, there were no injuries and we are both fine.  I can't say as much for the aircraft, which, soon after our departure, dove into the ground out of control and was completely demolished.  Both of our parachutes functioned flawlessly and I appreciate so much the obvious quality of the material and workmanship.  My son and I are very grateful and just wanted to express our sincerest