Parachute Rigger Added Ratings


1.   You must already have a valid current (must have packed a certificated parachute within 90 Days) FAA Parachute Rigger License for one of the following ratings: Back, Chest, Seat or Lap.

2.   For the added rating you must have logged at least 20 packs for the rating you are seeking, and each one must be under the supervision of an appropriated rated Senior or Master Parachute Rigger and each pack must be signed off as such in your logbook.

3.   You must have a signed Letter of Recommendation from an appropriated rated Senior or Master Parachute Rigger stating that you are ready for your test.

4.  You must have 2 orginal 8610-2's signed by the FAA.

5.   You must have a photo ID.

6.   You must have and present your Parachute Rigger's License.

7.   You must present your Parachute Rigger's Logbook that shows the parachute packs for the added rating you are seeking, and each pack must be signed by the supervising Parachute Rigger.

65.123   Additional type ratings: Requirements.

In addition to the below regs you will need for your Additional Practical Test:  2 Orginal 86-10's signed by your local FAA FISDO, Your Logbook with the 20 supervised pack, Your Tools, Picture ID (Driver's license).

A certificated parachute rigger who applies for an additional type rating must --

(a) Present evidence satisfactory to the Administrator that he has packed at least 20 parachutes of the type for which he seeks a rating, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and under the supervision of a certificated parachute rigger holding a rating for that type or a person holding an appropriate military rating; and

(b) Pass a practical test, to the satisfaction of the Administrator, showing his ability to pack and maintain the type of parachute for which he seeks a rating.

[Doc. No. 1179, 27 FR 7973, Aug. 10, 1962, as amended by Amdt. 65-20, 37 FR 13251, July 6, 1972]