Parachute Rigging Services

Skydiver Parachutes $65.00-$90.00
Pilot Emergency Parachutes (Most Back Type) $85.00
Pilot Emergency Parachute (Seat Type)  $95.00
Pilot Emergency Parachute (Ram-Air Back Type) $110.00
Military Back (B-12, NB-6, NB-8) Back Type Parachutes    $125.00
Military (S-2) Seat Type Parachute $150.00
Military BA-20 or BA-22 Back Type Parachute $250.00
Pilot Emergency Parachute (Back HX Series by Butler) $95.00


Don Mayer's (Picture above) Parachute Shop Rigging Services is equipped to inspect and repack all certified parachute systems. We have all the necessary sewing machines, threads, fabrics, & hardware to handle major & minor repairs as well as alterations. I recommend you allow two weeks turnaround.

Our turn around times vary with the time of year but usually 24-48 hours. We have staff of 2 Master Parachute Riggers, 2 Senior Parachute Riggers, and  we have an FAA Rigger on Staff for Senior & Master Exams/. The Repack Cycle is now 180 Days (The FAA has ruled there is no final life limit on US parachutes, see

Our rates for skydivers & pilot emergency parachute systems Inspection, Repack & Recertification are: