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Strong 303 Back w/ 26 ft, the new 30Ft is now available CALL 1-800-872-2488 $2599.00 $2250.00 26 Ft Conical LoPo or

the New 30 Foot

254 150

       The standard back mounted container, model 303 is 24" tall x 16" wide x 3" thick, . and weighs approximately 15 lb. The Para-Cushion Back is recommended for use in airplanes where head room is at a minimum such as an ASW-27, PW-5, Cap-10, Zlin, T-34, T-28, RV-4, RV-8, Christen Eagle, Grob, and the front seat RV-4.and many others. In many cases it is possible to replace the airplane back cushion with the Strong Para-Cushion Back Parachute System. Other Para-Cushion Back models are available in different sizes to accommodate a smaller space, such as in the cockpit of an SU-31. The Short Back, the Narrow Back and the Short and Narrow back. The Model 303 parachute assembly (Now Available with the Aerobatic Harness) is our most popular model and is used by Warbird, sail plane and aerobatic pilots.   STANDARD MODEL 303 is 24" Tall x 16" Wide x 3" Thick,     the  MINI-303 is 22" Tall x 14" Wide x 3" Thick Options | Aerobatic Harness | Color Choices  Recommended Parachutes for your Aircraft click here | Pilot Questions and Answers