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 USED PILOT EMERGENCY PARACHUTES, all parachutes come with Carry Bag & Mfg Manual

This 303 Strong is immaculate condition. Silver Gray container with silver gray accent. Cannot tell from new. This parachute has the Optional Quick Ejector Snaps (a $255.00 option)
Canopy Serial No: 7727 , Date of Mfg: 5/2005, Canopy Color: RED/WHITE
HARNESS/CONTAINER MODEL: STRONG 303 BACK WITH REMOVABLE SEAT FLAP, Serial No: 507611, Date of Mfg: 7/2005, Container Color: GRAY  PHOTOS




ITEM 20180334, NATIONAL 490 CHAIR, $1200.00, The chair style Long Softie is designed to conform to and maximize the comfort of the contoured seating found in today's high performance gliders and aerobatic aircraft. 28 foot Aerostar Steerable Parachute Canopy, Color White & Green, S/N 5003, Date of Mfg 3/1990, Container National Model 490 Chair, Color Navy Blue with Red Accent Stripes S/N 1611, Date of Mfg 3/1990. This parachute and container are in Mint condition, the previous owner took excellent care of his parachute. The harness is adjustable, the chest and leg straps use a thread through adaptor to save weight and for better comfort. Max gross pilot wt 254 lbs, speed Lmt 140 Knts. Container specifications: 2.25" thick x 13" or 15" wide x 35" long. Total weight: 16 lbs. Complete 180 Day Repack add $75.00, Shipping not included. PHOTOS


Item : 20180375, Used Strong Model 303 Back Parachute, $800.00 Canopy is the Strong 26 Foot Steerable Canopy. Canopy SN: 4319, Date of Mfg: 01/1979. Container SN: 003060, Date of Mfg: 03/1990. There is no service life on Strong Parachutes. This parachute is in good condition, fully inspected by myself, Master Parachute Rigger. Fresh 180 Day Inspection and Repack with the sale. Carry Bag: Yes,



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