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Brand New SFIRE169, Beautiful red/white/black, Retail $2245.00, Sale $1750.00, Credit Cards or PayPal add 4%, DOM 5/2017, SN 98C12531


Item 20180261, JAVELIN ODYSSEY J4K, C10, VIGIL-2, PDR 193 SPECTRE 170, $4500.00
Total 1 Jump on the Javelin, Vigil2, & Reserve ,Javelin has Chest & Hip Rings, Mini 3-Ring, RSL (It does have the set for the SkyHook), Spectre 170 has 200 Jumps & a Brand New Spectra Line set, Solid Jade Color. Soft reserve handle, Spandex Back, Measurements: C-17-1 25 lat 28 leg 65 tall 182 lbs chest 41 belly 39 inseam 32 leg 28 . This was a demo Javelin for the Parachute Shop, the Vigil was switched out for a newer Vigil 2+ in 2016, the Javelin only has a dozen jumps.  PHOTOS


Item 20180259 JAVELIN ODYSSEY J1KS, SKYHOOK, COLOR BLACK WITH SILVER STRIPES, OPTIMUM 143, SABRE2-150. Adjustable Main Lift Web, S/N 44406,DOM 05/2016,Reserve PD Optimum 143, S/N015369,DOM 05/2016, AAD VIGIL 2+ S/N48810,DOM 08/2016. Main Sabre2-150, Spandex Back, Inset stabilizers, ZP Pilot Chute w/Leather Hackey. total 9 JUMPS, Used as a DEMO Javelin for the Parachute Shop. Measurements: HT65",WT127LBS,CHEST38",BELLY33-35",LEG PAD 23",TORSO-B-MED ADJ 22". Value $7600.00 Asking $5900.00  PHOTOS


NEW never jumped, Velocity 96, Tangerine & Yellow, HMA lines, Black Slider. $1000.00, Ready to jump right now no waiting.  PHOTO


Item 20170173, REFLEX, STILETTO 150, RAVEN 181, CYPRES $1000.00. Mint condition Reflex container, jumper took very excellent care of his Reflex rig & equipment. The Cypres has expired. A replacement Cypres 2 Expert is $1125.00. The measurements of the previous owner: 6'3", 190lbs, Chest 41",Waist 40",Inseam 37",Hips 44",Torso Full 71". This combination comes with a Altimaster 2 Altimeter w/chest mount, one simple Tony jumpsuit, and one RW Jumpsuit with Booties, grippers, etc. More Information









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