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Vigil 2+  $1125.00 plus shipping & Insurance ($30.00)

  Vigil 2+ $1125.00 INTERNATIONAL SALES  Plus Shipping & Insurance ($65.00)

Vigil 2+– How it works

  • When switched on, the Vigil® performs a complete self test to check all internal parameters and calibrates itself at the atmospheric pressure of the DZ altitude.
  • When the “” logo appears, the Vigil® is ready to go with you on the plane. The Vigil® is now ready for use and is in a “stand-by” status (recalibrating itself every 32 seconds).
  • During take off, Vigil I and Vigil II will go to an “active” status from 150 ft / 46m in a time of max. 32 seconds. Vigil 2+ will go to an “active” status at a fixed 1000ft / 305m altitude because it starts taking measurement 8 times per second already at 90ft / 27,5m. From that moment on, your Guardian Angel is ready to help you in critical situations!
Vigil 1 Pin

Vigil I

Discontinued since September 2007 

Vigil II

Ergonomic metal box, 40% thinner than the Vigil I.
Model International Patent N° 000302914-0001 

Vigil 2+

Vigil 2+

Cutter & controller replaceable without opening the main box.
Waterproof (IP 68; max. 1,8 meters for max. 24 hours)

Accurate Calculation

  • Once the door opens and you leave the plane, the Vigil® will calculate the time left over before reaching the activation altitude (for example: 1100 ft in PRO mode), by continuously measuring your falling speed and your altitude. The Vigil® takes in consideration the speed variation during the free fall and recalculates every 1/8 of a second the time left to reach the activation altitude. When you reach the activation altitude (time = 0) and if you are still falling at a speed above 35m/sec, the Vigil® will  instantaneously activate the cutter to allow your reserve parachute to deploy. This patented method ensures a very accurate activation altitude (+/- 60 feet).
  • Vigil® works by permanent recalculation of the time left before activation (see patent).
    • EU Patent N° EP 1084950B1
    • US Patent N° US 6,378,808B1


  • The Vigil II has been designed to resist a water immersion of 0,5 meter for maximum 30 minutes (IP 67).
  • Vigil 2+ is waterproof (IP 68) and can withstand water immersion of max. 1,8 meters for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • The Vigil® doesn’t need filter replacement. It has a built-in stainless steel air filter which does need to be replaced after contact with water (see chapter 6 of User’s Manual).

Vigil Advantages


  • Unique patented time calculation ensures accurate activation.
  • Patented cutter device (circular knife) cuts the reserve loop twice.
  • Strong flexible connecting wires: easy to install in all rigs.
  • Patented Pulse + element always ready to trigger the cutter.
  • A very robust device.


  • Three modes in one: PRO – STUDENT – TANDEM
    • Novice, expert or tandem – all-in-one device.
    • Schools and centers: the versatility of the 3 modes = cost effective.
  • Vigil 2+ is also available in Extreme mode.

Water Resistance

  • Vigil 2+ is waterproof (IP68 rated; max. 1,8 meters for a maximum of 24 hours).

No scheduled maintenance

  • Performs a self-check at every start-up.

Life Expectancy

  • Max. 20 years life expectancy.

Memory Features

  • Logbook with total number of jumps, overall free fall time, last free fall time, max speed of the last free fall, number of saves, atmospheric pressure, temperature…
  • Information accessible through LCD.

Black box function

  • Vigil retains last 16 minutes of freefall and creates 16 graphs containing all jump information that can be downloaded through an Infra Red download box.

User Friendly

  • Alpha numeric display for ease of use and communication.
  • Cutter & controller are field-replaceable.

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