Airports Windsocks

            Airport Windsock white/orange striped color 28 inch dia. x 7 ft. length

  The Parachute Shop, located 30 miles northwest of Boston, Massachusetts at the Pepperell Airport,  is proud to offer the finest manufactured windsocks on the world market..  The workmanship and longevity makes these windsocks number one in our book. The average life expectancy is at least 3-4 years. The one we recommend for the  most visibility is the Orange & White Stripe. Order yours today. We supply government, state, private, municipal, airports & airstrips world wide, as well as private companies, helipads, oil companies, EPA, and chemical companies to name a few. Once you use our laminated polyester windsock you will never go back to the old style nylon. 

The windsocks are manufactured with an Exclusive Bright Vinyl Laminated Polyester Fabric. The  Exclusive Windsock Laminated Polyester Fabric is  treated to resist the effects of wind, weather and the damaging Sun's Ultra-Violet rays. The average life expectancy is 3-4 years depending on locality. All seams are double stitched with polyester ultra-violet resistant thread for strength and long life. The windsock throat is reinforced and has solid brass grommets for easy attachment and corrosion resistance. Nylon zip ties are included with each windsock to attach it to the frame. Windsocks are available in high visibility orange, white or alternate orange and white stripes. Fully extended at 20 MPH.

Our Customers; State & Municipal and Private Airports & Ultra light Airparks Government, US Military, US Coast Guard, US Embassies, International countries, Offshore Oil Rigs, Oil Companies, Chemical Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, Heliports, Hospitals, Government Bio Hazard Units, EPA, etc


Orange/White P/N   Diameter Inches/cm x Length Inches/cm Bright Orange or White Price   Orange & White Striped P/N Orange & White    Price Shipping Wt/lbs
8300    8"x30" (2.5Ft) / 20.32cm x 76.2cm 60.00   830S 76.00 3
13550  13" x 55" (4.6Ft) / 33.02cm x 139.7cm 64.00   1355S 92.00 3
1850 18" x 60" (5FT) / 45.72cm x 152.4cm 90.00   185S 116.00 4
1880 18" x 96" (8Ft) / 45.72cm x 243.84cm 104.00   188S 130.00 4
2480 24" x 96" (8Ft) / 60.96cm x 243.84cm 136.00   248S 160.00 6
36120    36" x 144" (12Ft) /91.44cm x 365.76cm 260.00   3612S 284.00  6

Steel Frame Diameter


Extended Steel Frame


  8 Inches / 20.32cm

8 Inches / 20.32cm



 13 Inches / 33.02cm

13 Inches / 33.02cm



18 Inches / 45.72cm

18 Inches / 45.72cm



  20 Inches / 50.8cm

20 Inches / 50.8cm



24 Inches / 60.96cm

24 Inches / 60.96cm


36S 36 Inches Standard Frame Only Not Extended $350.00

Measuring your windsock to our Frames & Windsocks

Our FRAME DIAMETER Our WINDSOCK SIZE Your WINDSOCK MEASUREMENT @ (laying the windsock flat measure across the throat (opening) of the windsock)
8" 8" 11-1/2"
13" 13" 20-1/2"
18" 18" 28"
24" 24" 37"
28" 28" 43"
36" 36" 56"


Insert (drop) the 1" riser pipe with 3/4" threads (adaptors) (that comes out of bottom bearing) into a 1-1/4 OD" (1-1/8" ID) water pipe (I use black plumber pipe) at the top of existing pole. If you want…..a washer can be put on the riser pipe. Your pole will rest on the washer. The nipple of the bearing (where set screw fastens bearing to riser pipe) will rest on your 1-1/4" OD pipe or the washer. If your existing pipe is a lot larger than the 1-1/4" OD pipe, make sure riser pipe does not rock side to side. This type of installation in no way affects the function of the bearing. This type of installation also makes it much easier to take the frame down when replacing the windsock.




EXTENDED WINDSOCK FRAMES The extended frame turns much easier and keeps the windsock headed into the wind like a weathervane. The frame holds the windsock open fully so it will "fly" in lighter winds. Constructed of all welded steel with stainless steel ball bearings. The frame is mounted to a 1-inch diameter support pipe threaded to fit a 3/4-inch or larger size pipe or conduit.  These frames will stand up to repeated high wind locations.Extended Frame