Strong 26 Ft LoPo Conical Parachute Canopy.

   Strong 26 foot Lo-Po reserve canopies ( Max Wt 254lbs Max Speed 150 kts )have become known as the standard round reserve parachute of the industry. Over 30,000 canopies have been manufactured to exacting standards. These round canopies can take a huge amount of damage and still get you down safely. The term "Lo-Po " means low porosity fabric, it is manufactured with an additional finishing called "calendaring". The Lo-Po is extremely strong, reliable and often called indestructible. The 30 Ft. Lo-Po Mid-Lite has netted steering windows with control lines attached to the outside window suspension lines. Six to eight inches of pull on the control lines gives the best rate of turn. Equipped with a full diaper, deployment sequence is structured to assure full line deployment before canopy blossoming, reducing the possibility of malfunctions.





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